If you follow me, I will most likely follow you back. However in recent months I have noticed that I have a few rules for followbacks.

No porn blogs.
No racism, sexism, other isms. This includes believing in reverse racism, MRA blogs, etc.
No thinspo, fitspo, pro-ed.

Almost everyone else, I will gladly return the follow.

What if the opposite of a disorder is still a problem? What if the inverse of bad still isn’t good? What if all the monsters from your childhood nightmares are under the witness protection program and are alive and well in another city… but they still aren’t gone? They have a different name and a different face now, but they’re still dangerous.


the cat went home today ;;;;;;;;;;(



Hologram Shorts by Apparel K

Printed hologram on cotton grey shorts.


"you have the face of an angel"


(via fatitalianbroad)